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Below are real questions sent to us. To get your questions answered make sure you schedule a FREE consultation.​

​What is a paralegal? How can you actually help me?

A: As of May 1, 2007 Paralegals in Ontario are regulated and governed by the Law Society of Upper Canada. Paralegals work for you, representing your best interests. Lockwood Paralegal Firm provide our clients with comparable, and more economical, representation than a lawyer. On top of that, Lockwood Paralegal Firm has expertise that is simply not taught in Law School. Paralegals are permitted to represent the public in various courts throughout Ontario. Hiring a paralegal might be your best legal option. Visit us at our Richmond Hill paralegal office in order to get a free, no-risk consultation. ​​​​

​Can I recover my legal fees?

​A: Judges in Small Claims Court have the ability to award costs if a case (or part of a case) is heard in front of them. These total costs awarded at trial are based on the percentage of a Plaintiff's Claim. In specific circumstances double costs may be awarded to the winner.

I just received a traffic ticket - what should I do?​


A: Getting a ticket can be stressful. Filing a Notice to Appear for Trial or Meeting with Prosecutor within 15 days is crucial.

​Contact Lockwood Paralegal Firm and let us know your situation. Time is of the essence. Get the proper representation you need.

I live out-of-town but just received a ticket for speeding. Can you help me?

A: The quick answer is, yes. Representation in HTA offenses does not require the accused to be in the courtroom. What that means for you is that Lockwood Paralegal Firm can appear on your behalf, saving you from coming in from out-of-town or taking the day off work.

I have just been served with a Plaintiff's Claim. What do I do?

A: The first step for you to do in Small Claims Court is to get your defence in as quick as possible. The time frame to do this in is just 20 days after service of the Claim. Preparing and filing a proper defence is essential to winning at trial. Without the proper framework, documents, and forms you could be at a huge disadvantage.​

I have started my Small Claims Court action however I am stuck, literally going nowhere. What can I do?

A: This is more common than you think. The Small Claims Court structure is very good, allowing you to correct virtually anything if you get stuck. Contact Lockwood Paralegal Firm and we can help solve your problems, whether it be receiving judgment, enforcement, or valid service.

I am a landlord who has at least three tenants who are behind on rent. What can I do here?

A: Landlords and Tenants both have rights that are enforced through the Landlord and Tenant Board. There are very specific ways you can go about evicting a tenant and collecting money owed. Contact us and see what we can do to help you out.

I have been charged with Careless Driving, but I am already at 10 demerit points. What are the consequences?​

A: The consequences of Careless Driving are deeper than you may realize. Aside from carrying a hefty fine and six (6) demerit points, your insurance is also bound to skyrocket. Defending this charge can be done, but it has to be proper. With witnesses and a strong Crown against you, take nothing for granted.

I have been offered a settlement in Small Claims Court. What should I do?

A: It is essential to properly assess every settlement offer that comes in. The challenge you will face is deciding if you have a better chance at trial or not. Hiring Lockwood Paralegal Firm may be your best option in this scenario. Experience is everything at this stage in the game. Fill out our contact page to schedule a no-risk consultation.​

What is the best way to get to your office?

A: Our Richmond Hill paralegal office is located on West Beaver Creek, just seconds from the intersection of Leslie and Highway 7. Please visit our location at Google Maps.

I live relatively far from your Richmond Hill paralegal office, do you travel to meet clients?

A: Although our office Richmond Hill paralegal office is the best place to meet, we are able to travel in order to satisfy our clients. If accessibility to our Richmond Hill paralegal office is an issue, please indicate as such on the contact us page. Phone consultations are available upon request.

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