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Small Claims Court

Going to Small Claims Court, and winning, is no easy task. Getting proper representation through a

Small Claims paralegal can net you a big win, with or without a trial. Unrepresented parties are at a

disadvantage as the Courts have come to expect more from parties. As of January 1, 2020 the Ontario Small Claims Court  now has a monetary jurisdiction  of up to $35,000.00.  If your claim 

falls close to this number, contact us.​


The majority of SCC actions are tort and contract issues. Lockwood Paralegal Firm

has successfully represented hundreds of claims in all jurisdictions across Ontario. We can analyze

and represent any type of Small Claims Court action. Our Richmond Hill paralegal office is just steps from the Small Claims Court and filing office. We can also meet remotely at your convenience.


Lockwood Paralegal Firm, as a small claims paralegal, can take on a wide variety of matters including:​


  • Suing for a monetary amount​

  • Defending a court action

  • Constructive Dismissal

  • Mortgage and loan disputes​

  • Contract breaches​

  • Defective Workmanship

  • Wrongful Termination

  • Injury claims​

  • Return of personal property​

  • Small Business debt recovery


Allow Lockwood Paralegal Firm to deal with all the daunting legalities involved in a court proceeding. This includes service requirements, evidence rules, deadline limitations and most importantly, trial preparation. LPF have knowledge and necessary experience collecting judgments. 

From proper service of your claim, through obtaining judgment, all the way to enforcement,

Lockwood Paralegal Firm is your best option.

LPF also offer our clients exclusive access to search databases that can help locate individuals or

corporations. Some of these include: Business Name Searches, Corporate Profile Reports, Property

Searches, Employment Searches, Proof of Residence, Credit Reports, and much more. 

Whether you are a Plaintiff, Defendant, or simply contemplating a lawsuit, contact us​ today. Hiring a professional Small Claims paralegal can help you save thousands of dollars in mistakes. Come visit us at our Richmond Hill paralegal office for a consultation. We are located minutes from 404/Hwy 7.


Small Claims Court Locations​

Barrie Small Claims Court

75 Mulcaster Street   L4M 3P2



Belleville Small Claims Court

235 Pinnacle St. K8N 3A9


Brampton Small Claims Court 
7755 Hurontario Street L6W 4T1


Brampton Small Claims Court 
7765 Hurontario Street L6W 4T1

Brantford Small Claims Court 
70 Wellington St. N3T 2L9


Burlington Small Claims Court 
2021 Plains Rd. E. L7R 4M3

Cambridge Small Claims Court 
89 Main St. N1R 1W1

Guelph Small Claims Court

74 Woolwich St. N1H 3T9


Hamilton Small Claims Court 

45 Main St. E. L8N 2B7


Kingston Small Claims Court 

5 Court Street K7L 2N4


Kitchener Small Claims Court 

20 Weber St. E. N2H 1C3


London Small Claims Court 

80 Dundas St. N6A 6A3


​Milton Small Claims Court 

491 Steeles Ave E. L9T 1Y7

Newmarket Small Claims Court 

50 Eagle St. W. L3Y 6B1


Orangeville Small Claims Court

10 Louisa St. L9W 3P9


Oshawa Small Claims Court 

150 Bond Street East L1G 0A2

Ottawa Small Claims Court 

161 Elgin Street, 2nd Floor K2P 2P1

Richmond Hill Small Claims Court (Filing)

8500 Leslie Street, Suite 395 L3T 7M8​



Richmond Hill Small Claims Court


855 Major Mackenzie Drive E  L4B 4X7



St. Catharines Small Claims Court 

59 Church Street L2R 7N8

Toronto Small Claims Court 

47 Sheppard Ave. East M2N 5N1

Woodstock Small Claims Court 

415 Hunter St. N4S 7W5

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