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Brett Lockwood is a licensed paralegal with the​ Law Society of Ontario (P08269). He also holds his

mortgage agent license with FSCO (M1900213) Level 2.

​Mr. Lockwood practices in courts throughout Ontario. He is the owner and operator of Lockwood Paralegal Firm. Our Richmond Hill paralegal office is located just minutes from the Small Claims Court. Mr. Lockwood is an appointed Commissioner for Taking Affidavits in Ontario as well as a Notary Public.


With many years of experience he can get you the results you need. Having previously worked in debt collection , he knows the most effective routes to getting your money back. Proven results that can recover your money! Knowing the business is essential to success. Mr. Lockwood is an approachable paralegal and respected advocate. The results will speak for themselves.

Lockwood Paralegal Firm takes pride in offering our clients accessibility and professionalism. Any time of the day we are ready to take client questions or concerns. The commitment to you is one of the items that sets us apart from the rest.


Looking to sue? Have you been served with a Small Claims Court Plaintiff's Claim? ​

Have a lot of debt recovery or collections work?

Facing a mediation or settlement session and want an expert on your side?


LPF offers competitive rates and exceptional representation for our clients. If you are looking for a Small Claims Court paralegal, you have arrived at the right destination.

Whatever your concerns are - whether business or personal -  schedule a consultation to meet with us​​.​​

For a full list of services offered please visit our services page​.

Brett Lockwood Paralegal for Small Claims Court and Landlord and Tenant Board
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