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COVID-19 and Contracts

The current situation has caused many to re-evaluate their contracts when dealing with companies and individuals. With health taking on the primary focus, many are not honouring or fulfilling their contractual obligations.

There are many angles to contracts that must be considered, including frustration, cancellation, force majeure, pre-payment, deposits, and partial-performance. Each situation must be looked at and analyzed. Lockwood Paralegal Firm strives to help those who have been wronged during this pandemic.

Contact us to discuss your options surrounding COVID-19 and your contract. This includes weddings, parties, club memberships, loans, mortgages and much more.

COVID-19 and the Landlord and Tenant Board

The LTB has resumed eviction hearings virtually using Microsoft Teams.


Unfortunately for all Ontario landlords and tenants, the majority of the province is struggling, with money becoming increasingly tight for everyone. This has led to tenants choosing to pay for essentials, such as food, over their rent. This is completely understandable given the circumstances and must be taken into consideration by all landlords. We implore all landlords to keep an open-mind during the length of this pandemic and be compassionate given the circumstances.

With that being said, all rent for this period in time will have to eventually be paid in full by tenants. This tenuous time must be worked out reasonably and respectfully between the parties. It is our intention to help all our clients work through this tough time together. We have developed some strategies to help both landlords and tenants who have unpaid rent get through this difficult time.

Your issue is important to us and might be time-sensitive. For more information about our services, please contact us here. Lockwood Paralegal Firm is a common result when searching for: 'COVID-19 paralegal near me'.

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